we wish

Our dream is to make sure that every individual becomes socially and financially aware and independent so that she/he is able to create an independent and good future for him or herself.

Financial independent futures for children and women in Botswana

“In 2006 for six months I worked on a voluntary basis in San Genaro, a slum in Lima, Peru. I saw that the educational level in developing countries is very low: Children go to school for half a day and have three months summer holidays. However, I noticed that children in the slums have the same dreams as children in the Netherlands, where I lived at that time. So I wondered how the children in the slums could be given the possibility to make their dreams come true. A few years later I decided that I wanted to bring about a change for the better for these kids. By the end of 2009 I founded the StartUp4Kids Foundation, because I believe in the strength and creativity of every individual to start up their own business by saving and investing in their own talents in a playful way. So they can make their dreams come true under their own power.
One of my dreams is to empower children and their families in Botswana. Because, now this is my home and I am here to to bring my knowledge and love to the people living here. I do this together with local NGO’s as Travel for Impact, Bana Ba Letsatsi, Rhino Conservation, Women Against Rape, Shelter Botswana, Future Explorers Youth Society, Feed a Child and with Tsodilo Junior School. I do this together with the regional Ministry of Education and of course with the help of StartUp4Kids.”
Katja Visser